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Welcome to your one stop shop for reliable Mobile Phones, iPhones, Tablets, Laptops and Game Consoles in Trinidad and Tobago. Quick and Professional Service Guaranteed! Besides Samsung & Apple iPhone, we have expertise in other branded mobiles as well. If your iPhone is not working, take it to our repair shop in Trinidad and Tobago.

From a broken screen, not charging, not coming on. Does your Tablet have audio but, you’re not seeing? We can fix it! Midtown Wireless Limited is a reliable repair service provider based in Trinidad & Tobago. So if you have got a Tablet or Smart Phone with a broken screen, a malfunctioning charging port or unresponsive touchscreen, then you have come to the right place. Midtown Wireless Limited is the most recommended Samsung repair shop in Trinidad & Tobago. We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, our service persons can attend you personally. If you take your XIAOMI to repair in our shop in Trinidad, our service people will treat you with an utter sense of responsibility. Each of your issues means a lot to our XIAOMI repair shop in Woodbrook, Trinidad, Arima & Port of Spain location.

We extend our repair services to the surrounding area for all makes and models of all Tablets and Smart Phones at our Apple repair shop in Trinidad. Our technicians are skilled and expert in dealing with all kinds of Tablet and Smart Phone issues. Therefore, we’re the best SAMSUNG repair shop in Trinidad and Tobago. Samsung is a trusted brand in this country. We have permanently opted to provide you the best service at an affordable price. Hence, you won’t find another SAMSUNG repair shop in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Arima & Trinidad as trusted as ours.

We serve our clients on a priority basis at our Apple repair shop in Woodbrook. We know that for a business, time is the money. So, we do our very best to fix your tablet and phones in as minimum time possible. Most repairs are completed within 1-2 hours at our mobile repair shop in Woordbrook, Arima, Trinidad & Post of Spain location. Be it a Samsung Screen Replacement in Woodbrook or a MacBook Repair in Woodbrook. Years of experience have taught our experts that easy detection of an issue at the earliest makes a mobile repair shop earn trust. They’ve applied the theory, and our SAMSUNG repair shop in Woodbrook stepped out of the ordinary.

Your Ultimate Go-to Apple Repair Shop in Port of Spain

If you’re an Apple user, you know how delicate the usage of the device is. Not only the user but the device should also be handled very delicately while repairing. Experts at our Apple repair shop in Port of Spain guarantee you the products. We provide a compact service and never fail to satisfy you. 

An iPhone repair shop in Port of Spain is rare because the parts are costly. The professionals should have intricate knowledge about the application of these parts. Our MacBook Repair in Port of Spain has solved more than a thousand cases of Apple. We have specialization in every product of Apple. 

Are you searching for an iPhone Screen Replacement in Port of Spain? iPhone screen repairing is a highly complex process. It takes enormous time and patience to fix an iPhone screen. You’ll hardly find an Apple repair shop in Port of Spain at an affordable price. Midtown Wireless Limited is your ultimate destination when it comes to Apple repair at a pocket-friendly price. 

Can you live without your phone for more than two days? Smartphones have become inseparable in our life. Therefore, Midtown Wireless Limited repairs your phone within two days. Not only MacBook Repair in Port of Spain, but we have specialization in every android device. We’re your ultimate destination for mobile phone repairing.

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Midtown Wireless Limited

If you experience a fault with your repaired device, we’ve got you covered. We provide a thirty day (30) warranty on our services. Call us now so we can take care of your repair needs.

Our skilled techs utilize the best parts and advanced tools for each repair and test your devices before, during as well as after the repair is completed to make sure your device is working perfectly.

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Visit Your SAMSUNG repair shop in Port of Spain & Arima

Are you a Samsung user in Port of Spain & Arima? Samsung is the most recommended device to use. But, there are frequent issues with a Samsung device. Therefore, Midtown Wireless Limited has achieved its position as the best SAMSUNG repair shop in Port of Spain & Arima.

Do you think that you should replace your Samsung mobile for its screen is damaged? Please bring it to our Samsung Screen Replacement in Port of Spain. We guarantee flawless repairing. You’ll regret your decision to replace your phone without trying our service. We’re your ultimate destination for Samsung mobile repairing.

Not only Samsung, but we’re also a XIAOMI repair shop in Port of Spain. Our experts know how to handle your Apple, Samsung, and XIAOMI delicately. We repair your phones on an emergency basis. If you want your fixed phone in two days, we’re upfront to deliver that. A good team works relentlessly to repair your phone the fastest.

Not only some specific brands, but we’re also experts in repairing any branded mobile. We’re a complete mobile repair shop in Port of Spain and Arima. Our comprehensive service never fails to amaze you. Be it a screen replacement, battery damage, or anything else. Take your smartphone to Midtown Wireless Limited and take your repaired phone back in two days. Shake hands with the best for a long-term benefit.

Unlimited Assistance From The Best Cellular Phone Repairs Port of Spain

Midtown Wireless Limited provides you unlimited assistance for Cellular phone repairs in Port of Spain. Even if your product has been delivered, call us for any further assistance. Our experts would love to guide you through any difficulties with your device. 

It often happens that your newly repaired device behaves unnaturally. Therefore, it often becomes difficult for you to cope up with it. If you’re confused about what to do, meet our expert mechanics or call them. Our service for Cell repairs in Port of Spain is always upfront to help you with any confusion. 

Be it Samsung, Apple, XIAOMI, or any other brand. Midtown Wireless Limited serves you at a very reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time of the day. We’re a complete service for Cell repairs in Port of Spain. Midtown Wireless Limited provides you with what they promise. Get a fantastic service at a reasonable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have added a list of some frequently asked questions that we have encountered by potential clients before availing of our services for your convenience. They are as follows:

My tablet is not switching on/ not charging/ losing battery quite quickly, or I cannot hear very well on it.

In all these cases, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required. Should you proceed with completing the repair, your deposit is then deducted from the final cost. Please bring relevant items (charger, for example) to our store with you, so we are able to run full diagnostics.

My gaming system is overheating/ freezing up. Can this be fixed?

Most likely, yes, it can be. A non-refundable deposit of $350 will be required. Should you proceed with completing the repair, your deposit is then deducted from the final cost. Please bring relevant items (charger, for example) to our store with you, so we are able to run full diagnostics.

Can you repair gaming consoles such as PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3?

We may be able to fix smaller issues, but unfortunately, if its something major, we might not be able to assist much. To find out more about what we do and how we can do it, give us a call 610-4349 (4FIX) 314-2377 (CELL) to learn more.

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