How Long Do Repairs Normally Take?

Repairs are usually fast. We can fix your device in one hour with some brands or models taking only half an hour. Tablets take a bit longer, while water treatment can be twenty-four hours.

What Models and Brands Do You Fix?

We are experts in Samsung, Apple, Google, LG, etc. There are many phone models and tablets out there, provided the fact that we can source the needed parts, we can fix that.

Do you perform unlocking?

We do carrier unlocking. But, if you have disabled your gadget by typing in the wrong passcode a lot of times, we can get it up and work for you, on the other hand, we don’t condone illegal activity.

Do you Offer Warranty?

Yes! We offer a 30 day warranty on our repairs and also on the parts we use against defects. However, the Warranty doesn’t include water, falls, breakage, and other personal damage.